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30/07/08 Cllr Fahy Speech to meeting


Speech by Councillor Fahy to Greenwich Council


Relevant portfolio holder did you want to respond to the comments at this stage.

Cllr Fahy:

Thank you Mr Mayor. I do appreciate that over some time there has been a considerable amount of interest and passion shown by some residents of Kidbrooke, particularly those residents in Hervey Road and I do want to take the opportunity perhaps of commenting on some of the comments made in the two statements made by the respective speakers.

1. It is not the case that there’s a chronic shortage of sports fields in the borough. Indeed if you look at the map in that area it is awash with sports facilities and so therefore (background noise showing dissent – inaudible) well it is, well it is, well it is and if you will forgive me for saying so we allowed you to speak without erm er ……..

The further comment I want to make is that the Council is investing heavily in its sport facilities. We are investing a significant amount of money in sports facilities under the Building Schools for the Future. Long Lane sports football club in Dursley Road is currently involved in a £750,000 lottery bid and Samuel Montagu is undergoing a magnificent improvement, with 21st century facilities being placed within it in the next few years. And secondly …

Cllr Coombes:

Can I ask, sorry Councillor Fahy. Can I ask Councillors and also members of the public

Cllr Fahy:

You will have your turn later

Cllr Coombes:

Can I just finish Cllr Fahy. Can I just ask you to give respect to the speakers as the speakers were given earlier on please.

Cllr Fahy:

Mr Mayor in addition to round off this particular point the Co-op playing field is coming back into use in the next couple of years. The point I am making is that Hervey Road is not currently used as a regular sports field, and I will come to that in a moment. The additional point I want to make Mr. D…. talked passionately about cricket well clearly we are working with John Taylor on developing a cricket activity in the borough. We are doing that, so therefore we are going to have cricket pitches all over the borough and John is on board in discussions with us on these issues. Now there is a motion that is the subject of discussion later Mr. Mayor and Councillor Smith no doubt will deal with those issues but it is quite interesting that the situation with regard to Hervey Road has a legal status and it has a legal status in as much that during the Thatcher government which some colleagues would be familiar with the GLC was abolished and Hervey Road was included in the Inner London Education Authority property transfer, and the transfer was subject to a condition and the condition simply is this, that the land was to be brought into use wholly or mainly for the purposes of the Council LEA functions and to be used as an education facility. That is the current position in relation to Hervey Road and if Ward Councillors had checked this perhaps they might have reflected on the motion they are putting forward to the Council this evening. We are considering some options for Hervey Road, no final decisions are made and of course we will work with local residents about any future proposals we have but to simply argue the case that we can’t build on the site is, in my view, wholly wrong.


Thank you Councillor Fahy we now move to item 8 on the agenda

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