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30/07/08 Trevor Dimmick Speech to Council


Trevor Dimmick speech to Greenwich Council

Good Evening Members of the Council and other Distinguished Guests; my name is Trevor L. Dimmick. I am a current member and Past President of the Blackheath Cricket Club and also a former Chairman of the Main and Executive Boards of the Blackheath Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis and Squash Co Ltd.

My sole reason for being here this evening is to endorse and fully support the Campaign to Save the Hervey Road Sports Field (HRSF).

Blackheath Cricket Club is a very old and successful Club. We were established in 1858 and are deeply committed to the spread of participation in sports through the Borough of Greenwich. In pursuit of that objective we currently run 10 Saturday Senior Teams and 4 on Sundays. Of the Saturday teams 4 are in the Kent League (2 in the Premier) and others in the top divisions of the Kent Feeder and South Thames League. We also have a most flourishing Ladies team and Youth Section, with some 150 young players aged between 9 and 16 years of age.

We are steadfast in our commitment of cricket development throughout the Borough of Greenwich, and also the provision of facilities that will cater for and support players of all ages, abilities, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Together with Old Colfeians we arrange Greenwich Borough Cricket Development which oversees schools cricket. We have coaches in all 65 primary schools. We arrange festivals and district cricket across all age groups.

Our main dilemma is the chronic lack of playing fields and suitable surfaces. Our home is at the Rectory Field where there is only a single pitch, and especially on Saturdays four more pitches are needed. Consequently the Hervey Road Sports Field being so closely located to the Rectory Field, would ideally suit our needs.( I am advised that it even has a square somewhere buried and overrun).

The Chairman of the Cricket Club Jon Taylor has given assurances that the Club is willing to manage the HRSF for the benefit of the whole community; and to that end he has drawn up a business plan which sets out the potential for all year round use for schools and clubs involved in cricket, soccer, tennis and rugby.

The Club is well placed to raise funding from the England and Wales Cricket Board, from Sport England, Fields in Trust and others that will support the restoration of requisite facilities at the HRSF.

Restoring the HRSF and returning it to full use will provide youngsters with both the opportunity and facilities to partake in sport. Doubtless no one present here needs reminding that sport teaches discipline, teamwork, healthy living, social interaction, respect for the views of others, and also the negation of obesity.

Therefore I respectfully request that you take this opportunity to save the HRSF for sport for both current and future generations. Thank you.

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