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About the Campaign

Local residents found out by chance , in 2006, of Greenwich Council's plans to destroy the sports field.

They were stunned to find an architectural drawing of a school on the sports field in the Council's Annual Property Report to Schools 2005/06 page 4.

When questioned about this the Council stated that the sports field was the preferred option for relocating and developing an existing school but that no decision had yet been made. That is still the case two years later.

But the plans have been further developed -the latest amendments being in June 2008.
At no point has the Council consulted local residents or with Sport England or the London Mayor about the destruction of the playing field.

The field was used regularly and intensively for sport until the beginning of the century when the site was left unattended and the changing rooms and facilities were vandalised. At this point the Council levelled the buildings and boarded up the field.

Despite its lack of facilities the excellent playing field has been used by local clubs and schools for training and sports days.

Local sports clubs have sent letters of support detailing how they could get even more people involved in sporting activities if they could use the Hervey Road sports field and rebuilt facilities.

A survey amongst local families showed enthusiastic support for OUTDOOR sport (athletics, rugby ,cricket and soccer) and INDOOR activities (Mums and Toddlers, Yoga, dance, social and cultural).

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